About Us

We provide technical assistance and solutions for Analytical Labs, Research Centers, AI Integration, Networking, Office System Integration and Foreign Exchange Investments. We also analyze your current technological usage and will either implement a more productive, cost effective, and user friendly system or provide solutions to ensure that your organization remains at the maximum capacity.

We are specially trained in :

Data Recovery
Laboratory & Medical Computer Equipment Software Programming
Website Design
Hardware Installation
Office Solutions
Gaming Machines
Audio & Video Editing
Server Design and Maintenance
Cellphone Unlocking & Reprogramming
Computer BIOS Unlocking Service (Including forgotten passwords & architecture alteration)

Fluent In:

Adobe Dreamweaver (Advanced HTML Website Development)
Adobe Photoshop (Graphic Design & Photo Editing)
Adobe Flash (Video Website Development)
Adobe Acrobat (Business Document Solutions)
HP Chemstation (HPLC & Mass Spec Laboratory Software)
Goldwave (Advanced Audio Editing on Direct Waveform)
Sony Sonic Foundry (Sound Forge & Acid Audio Editing)
Adobe Premier (Advanced Video Editing)
Protools Professional Audio Editing
Nero Vision (Transitional Video Editing)
Video Redo (Direct VOB/MPEG2 Video Editing)
CrazyTalk (Graphic Animation Software)
CDMA QPST (Cellphone Unlocking & Reprogramming)
Microsoft Office (Office Spreadsheet & Publication Solutions)
SixEngine (BIOS/ Video/ Memory/CPU Unlocking & Overclocking)
Fruity Loops (Audio Instrumental Creator)
Standard C, C++, DELPHI, JAVA, JavaScript, ActiveX, Pascal,
Visual C++ Programming